We gather and report on business dependant statistics
giving you all the information you need
to bring profits to the next level


DirectLine will gather all the components of your business and establish the contact flow. Next we set up a data store that conveniently works for you.


We install a feedback system that generates reports and custom feedback directly related to your services or products along with collecting crucial field operative feedback.


After testing your solution we deploy it live and let you start harnessing the in depth statistics details you need.

How Small Details Make The Big Picture

A Landscape Service

Gathering times, routes and customer feedback helps grow the company.

By establishing a set of data that was crucial for growth this landscape company was able to turn hefty profits. Assessing the time between stops, different routes each week, customer feedback, cost savings and employees in the field the landscape company saw key details that let them make intuitive decisions.


With the data supplied from DirectLine I was able to see where my crew was being the most productive.

Local BrewPub

Local Brewpub opened a second location and was eager to see the key details surrounding this business. After seeing how much product was selling at certain times Local Brewpub made a switch that helped increase efficiency in their turnaround time. Also analyzing the time between brews and canning where time was lost and how to better distribute manpower.

Weekly reports on sales gave a key insight to where trends were going and how to better adapt to the current landscape.

The Data

  • Sales and Marketing strategies that generate revenue
  • Cost of labor, items, and goods
  • Time spent on routine daily tasks and month long initiatives


Level Description Price
Explorer Set up 3 custom reports, 3 automated data points 299.99 mo/
Capital Up to 10 Customizable reports that can be turned on or off 599.99 /mo
Admiral Custom solution for enterprise level XXXX.99